Artist’s statement

As a young boy I found I had a "knack" for art. I didn't feel that I had some special talent; I was just able to draw what I looked at. My parents encouraged me with oil paint-by-number kits. I started taking art classes in Jr. High and began learning technique and saw my artwork improve. I continued taking art through high school and on into college where I was an art major. At this time in my life I worked primarily in pen & ink, my desire to add life and color to my work led me to discovering Prismacolor colored pencils.

After leaving college early to enter the work force, my medium of choice continued to be colored pencil. I continued off-and-on to work in the medium for about 10 years and gradually stopped doing any artwork at all. After about 15 years away I was motivated to pick up my pencils again by viewing some of my old work hanging in my father's home. A web search led me to an online community for artists. I began to view other colored pencil artists work and was amazed at what I saw. They had taken the medium to a much higher level than I thought was possible. I began to study their work and techniques as well as reading books written by other well know cp artists. Two artists in particular; Arlene Steinberg and Toni James have been instrumental in my development. By applying these new techniques I am seeing my work greatly improve. I am learning and growing with each piece I complete.

I enjoy the outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking, and golf, therefore my favorite subjects are landscapes and wildlife. I’ve been told my work has a soft quality. I try for a painterly look, not seeking ultra realism instead attempting to get the feel of the scene. I was taught by my high school art teacher many years ago to view my oil paintings from a distance, avoiding too much detail, I try to follow that advice still today.


2004 Crawford County Arts Art Show, People’s Choice Award
2005 Crawford County Arts Art Show, First Place Award
2006 Crawford County Arts Art Show, Best of Show Award

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